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Dinner for 8

Because of the disaster that happened on October 7, 2023 When people in Israel were kidnapped from their homes. and were murdered at a party. as in prayer I started sculpting dinnerware from black and gray clay. With "Kintsugi" (in the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by repairing the broken areas dusted or mixed with gold, silver or platinum powder; the method is similar to the maki-e technique as a philosophy, it treats the breakage and repair as part of an object's history, rather than something to mask.) Praying that the kidnapped people will return to their homes.

The reason this work calld "dinner for 8" its  becauseI sculpted: 8 large plates, 8 small plates, 8 bowls, 4 medium bowls, 3 large bowls. Hand building technique.

Each detail up to 3 millimeters thick.

"Everyday Life".

 my work "The Blue Wall"  that is now displayed in the "Blue Bird" created with a meaning and wants to express:

The man who paints the wall can come from almost anywhere in the world. He performs a job that almost any person can perform The reasons for the "blue wall": Our planet is: "big blue planet" Blue is a very significant color in art In the past it was very expensive. Starting from the 17th in India in the 6th century in Japan "The color blue is the color of the sky." Blue was selected in a global survey conducted in 2019 As a color that manages to bypass any definition of nationalism, gender, ethnicity or politics. Due to the situation in our country as well, I chose to "pick up a brush and paint the wall blue" From the outside you can see nature And the interior of the house is pale in daylight only. The painting for me is a description of light, optimism. Simple everyday life and hope for continuity, peace and calm.

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