I am an artist, living and working in Israel.

I am married and  have a 10 year old child.

When I was 10 years old, the only subjects in which I was interested were drawing and materials and luckily, my parents allowed me to develop this passion .

In high school I realized that being an artist, was the only thing I wanted to be.

While studying at  the academy of art, I researched the technique and also created,  mixed media ,"abstract"  paintings and digital art.Presently I have gone back to the classical techniques of naturalistic painting,  and back again to abstract painting .where the biggest inspiration for me is nature. My goal is to express through form and colour the "natural versus artificial" human, fragile and delicate nature ."

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My work characteristics:


I choose to paint, because painting is a " hot" material ,and it always there for me, waiting for me, and does not require special preparation.There is always a canvas waiting for me to paint on. Colours and shapes are my main research tools, and keep me busy. My artwork is looking to create an environment. Tension between texture, colour and delicate spots. My work process  begins with a word,sentence or image, then I look for materials that will serve the idea. Currently I am looking for an  image that would astonish me, to express  fragility, vulnerability, joy, testimony. These works are the development of earlier works which dealt with childhood, memory, fragility, purity and the tension between innocence in the face of reality.


Creation is the focus of my life. i am also creating musical tracks with advanced DJ equipment  i am also the owner and  director of an art studio with students of all ages.I am a mother, daughter, sister and wife. 15 years ago I started to practice dancing and Yoga . and I find a  real connection between breathing methods and achieving the different positions and the changes in my artistic style and development.