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Yael avni eshchar

The perfect is incomplete and the complete is perfect

I am an artist . atheist Jewish  woman, lives and born in israel.
All my life "they" tell me about persecution and wars,
But I live, breathe, see and hear only love, humanity, nature, without differences of race, religion and gender.
I experience life as a cosmopolitan entity being.
This series of works , visually and soundly communicates life on earth in its simplest form which is whole being
and in a subtle way conveys the message that simplicity is perfect.
The series represents life today
When the dominant color is white-White is a symbol of peace (the dove of peace), of holiness (the Holy Spirit in Christianity is represented as a white dove), a symbol of purity and innocence (wedding dress).
The series represents  plants and animals ,people In every day life
on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
The second dominant color in the series of works is green
The color of life: green is the color of nature and the environment and is associated with the meaning of growth, renewal, refreshment, which also makes it directly related to health, youth, fertility, regeneration, luck and money, which makes the color connect with banking and financial businesses in an excellent way. Green symbolizes prosperity, vitality, fertility


In my current work, through format, scale, stain, color, sound, line and installation, I investigate and clarify the relationship between man and nature and nature to itself. What happens to life and plants at different times of the day, saturation or thirst, light/shadow and so on... the relationship and meaning that man gives to nature in his day to day life. I find out through observing and learning from artists of the past and contemporary artists how their work is close or far from reality. What they created from their imagination and feelings and what from mere observation. I use different formats and different media to express proportions, depth, distance, saturation, texture, space, atmosphere and more. Please convey to each person an experience of uplifting, depth, observation, thought, listening and stimulate discussion and emotion. Thank you

"The journey of light"

2.00/1.60 cm
oil  on canvas


"The white series"


oil on canvas


A series of works "Here and now - a glimpse of the landscape"

The works in different media and  different formats.

Scale : small  to medium sizes.

by clicking each image will open the details.


A climbing or drooping plant Cats in drawers, bird nests By clicking on each image, a window will open with the details. work in progress.

two Sound tracks Attached 

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